Plans built for every specific need. Your plan can be scaled up or down at any time. All plans contain access to our training environment to ease the onboarding process as well as residence analytics to track performance.



per patient/resident

Dashboard App

Resident administration

  • Patient profile
  • Resident assignment
  • Caregiver assigned
  • Family App access (optional)
  • Case Manager App access (optional)
  • Doctors and pharmacy directory
  • Comments on medication count and refills

Medication administration

  • Patient medication (prescribed, narcotics, and over the counter)
  • Medication tracking availability
  • Adherence amendments with documentation
  • Medication refill warning - 0,3,5,7 days remain

Daily Log

  • Create events that patients/residents should adhere
  • Adjust times and unit options


  • Patients profile and medication summary
  • Missed meds, Medication Administration Record (eMAR), and monthly summary
  • Backup and expired meds

Adherence app

  • Dispense medication adherence (with signature)
  • Dispense narcotics available (multi signature)
  • Issue refills ( with signature )



per patient/resident

All the features in Standard plus...


  • Customized User Interface (UI) themes available
  • Medication Administration Record (eMAR) report with signatures
  • Community-Based Living Arrangements (CBLA) certification version available
  • 911 Summary Report
  • Customize reporting

Adherence App

  • Mobile tablet option
  • Patient notate medication adherence (with signature)
  • Capture coordinated narcotics count (multi signature)

eRX - Refills

  • Family pharmacy
  • Fax options
  • Refill tracking

EHR connect*

  • Connect to your EHR provider
  • Transition patient/resident information from your EHR
  • Review adherence patient profile from your EHR

Additional Apps ( $3 each )

  • Case Manager App
  • Family App



per patient/resident

All the features in Enhanced plus...

Case Manager App

  • Easy to view patients/residents assigned
  • Notification when patients/residents missed their medication
  • Part-take in medication refill to avoid medication lapse
  • Communicate with residents and caregivers

Family App

  • Family would be able to view loved one’s adherence progress
  • Medication profile summary and medication pamphlets to understand the medication
  • View medication adherence and compliance
  • Understand patients/residents mood on a daily and weekly basis
  • Communicate with caregivers


Med Tech Focus - Web app is managed by med technicians to further assist their patients with medication adherence, compliance while communicating with caregivers

Mobile App:

Patient Focus - Mobile app allows resident to record their medication adherence, compliance and their mood when taking their medication


Admin Focus - HIPAA dashboard assist with patient administration, analysis, communication, comprehension, and collaboration

Family Focus:

App allow family members and caregivers to communicate, comprehend, and collaborate
We are able to customize a plan for your needs